Remember that jump you got in your pants from a new paper towel roll?
This blog consists of self pics and reblogs. Search "me" in the search bar to see some of my pics. Also I'm in the Brooklyn area in case you were wondering.... ;) 27 hairy uncut italian who enjoys showing off.


man-haven asked
How do you make it so that when someone clicks on a picture it opens in a new tab?

ask tumblr.

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theblogthatatetheworld asked
Miss your post. Been busy?

yes. work is crazy right now.

Anonymous asked
please I want to know the name of of the model shown in the let of the main page of the blog. thanks

dominic aka me

ironico-ser asked
You have the most beautiful chest hair, please don't shave it!

Sorry I shave a lot now. But it can always grow back….

pandyplace88 asked
Dude your sexy as hell I think you just became my new crush =)

You’re. Sorry that’s a deal breaker. ;)

Anonymous asked
Top or bottom? you have an xtube?

top. yes but nothings on it.